Training COVID-19 commissioner

According to the decree of 22.10.2020, companies with 50 seats or more must appoint a Covid-19 commissioner: The Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with MCI (Management Center Innsbruck) and are therefore now offering digital training for SAFE SERVICE Covid-19 commissioners: The SAFE SERVICE team has deliberately brought university experts from the MCI on board: Based on the scientifically sound findings of the MCI, companies are supported in developing a customized prevention concept. The training has not only been scientifically developed, it has also been coordinated with the Chamber of Commerce and public health experts. The training goes beyond what is required by law and is designed in such a way that it is easily feasible for companies and provides them with a rapid self-assessment of their own security situation via a simple online tool. All businesses can use it to prepare themselves for the start of the season in a targeted, coordinated manner, with an external scale and at the same time prepare individually. The training takes place in clearly structured process steps with feedback loops. The criteria for a company to receive a Covid 19 officer*n certificate are clearly defined: Firstly, learning with the SAFE SERVICE App is required and secondly, the prevention concept must meet the defined requirements for silver or gold status.

If a company meets all requirements, the silver or gold status will be communicated to the outside world with advertising material accordingly. Of course, companies can communicate their prevention concept online on their website. It is known from the 2020 summer season that well-founded Covid-19 concepts have a positive influence on the booking situation. The SAFE SERVICE Covid-19-Beaufbeauftragtenausbildung costs 199, – euro net and is digital, contactless as well as temporally and spatially flexible.