According to the latest guidelines from the federal government, the lock-down phase for the hotel and restaurant industry will remain in place. Businesses will not be allowed to reopen until Easter at the earliest. We are looking ahead: for us, for our guests, for Tyrol. Here you can read all the information about the SAFE SERVICE ® initiative for Tyrol, which started in autumn 2020.

The German specialized magazine prevention up-to-date directs its view after Tirol and like the confidence into the security of the tourism is strengthened. In the 14-page cover story you can read all about the SAFE SERVICE initiative, how Tyrol is preparing for winter tourism and why it has never been more important than now to pull together. The magazine contains many exciting interviews, for example with Governor Günther Platter, with the Managing Director of the AQUA DOME Bärbel Frey, with MCI Professor Siegfried Walch or with CEO Dieter Duftner. Why and how the SAFE SERVICE initiative plays an important role in this context can be read and listened to here:

Winterlandschaft Tirol mit

Tirol stands for nature, experience and recovery. The needs and expectations of our guests are constantly changing. In this winter season it is particularly important for our guests to experience a safe hospitality. With the SAFE SERVICE initiative, the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with, is training employees from restaurants, lodging and leisure businesses.

This creates safe service quality, which is officially certified and visible to guests.